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Organize Technology Portfolios

Portfolios: (noun)

  1. a range of investments held by a person or organization;
  2. a range of products or services offered by an organization, esp. when considered as a business asset.

In addition to strong application portfolio management, savvy companies organize their technology portfolios to optimize return on investment and simplify oversight. NEOS can assist you in standardizing processes to ease compliance with governance requirements, increase transparency in IT projects and facilitate funding decisions.

Technology Portfolio Management Solutions

Technology Rationalization

Today, businesses are riddled with legacy processes and technologies as a result of acquisitions, organizational change and/or technology evolution. Existing legacy systems and processes need modernization to meet new demands in the market place or extend their useful life. Moving from a current to modernized state is a significant and complex undertaking. Successful companies seek paths to allow the modernization effort to progress more fluidly and efficiently in order to contain costs, reduce risk and gain business benefits during the modernization process.

But where do you start when you have a large library of products, complex business operations and/or a large portfolio of IT platforms?

You start by rationalizing your portfolio to understand how products, processes and technology associate to and drive your business. NEOS recommends beginning by organizing your assets into large segments based on the function and benefit to the business so you can see across the enterprise, find commonalities and plan a comprehensive enterprise program to simplify the portfolio and ensure alignment to the business.

NEOS can combine its own proven, adaptable methods for rationalizing and simplifying large portfolios of business products, processes or technology. These methods have been used in many different industries and can mold to your particular situation.

Technology Modernization

To have a successful actionable plan, your technology goals must align with your business goals and priorities. Whether you are looking to rewrite policies into newer products or reduce operational costs and dependency of legacy systems, our assessment includes deep insight into architecture, process and data. Our recommendations are based on your business drivers, where we will identify a dependency sequence for effective solutions. We apply strategic and forward-thinking solutions that are grounded in practicality.

Based on your company’s priorities, budget and ability to change, we actively engage with your entire company to start your modernization initiatives and help with each item on the roadmap or execute the entire plan if desired.

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