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Program Value Assurance


Ensure your planned or in-flight project delivers on the value your stakeholders expect and have paid for.

  • 31% of projects will be canceled in-flight, before completion
  • 7 out of 10 projects fail in some respect
  • Only 16% of software projects are completed on time and on budget

Eight to 10 week project that examines all the components of your project

 PVA Wheel


“NEOS brought clarity and a sense of purpose to the project, which had been going on for several years with little to show for it. We were able to make difficult but necessary decisions to get back on track.” –Program Manager, Non-Profit Organization

Selected Case Studies

Case Study: Information Services Company Risk Mitigation Program

  • Saved in-flight $25M+ dollar compliance and risk program
  • Re-established business value, metrics, and milestones
  • Re-architected the technology solution and the program management structure

Case Study: New Annuity Product/Admin System Implementation

  • Prior to launch, pinpointed six key weaknesses
  • Reviewed product specs, technology solution, and resource allocations
  • Recommended deferring the $12M investment

Case Study: Global Non-Profit Education Certification Body

  • Rescued in-flight technology implementation
  • Advised Board of Directors regarding key findings around leadership
  • Re-negotiated vendor agreements to client’s benefit
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