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Manage and Mitigate Risk

Risk: (noun)

  1. exposure to the chance of injury or loss.

Leaders at every level make decisions daily that increase or decrease the risk of loss for their company. Wouldn’t it be great if every decision could be an informed decision? NEOS specializes in partnering with operational leaders to ensure they have the information they need to manage and mitigate risk. NEOS offers a suite of solutions to help clients manage and mitigate risk associated with programs and projects, regulatory and compliance requirements, and operations.

Risk Management and Mitigation Solutions:

Key Performance Indicator

When clients need assistance finding their way out of the weeds of their metrics, NEOS helps clear the landscape and create a clear line of sight to Key Performance Indicators. Just because you can measure and report lots of data doesn’t mean that each data point is meaningful. We help you answer the question, “What should I be measuring?” Then we help you identify and define the levers to manipulate so you can “move the needle” on your indicators.

Program Evaluation & Rescue

At any given time the average company has millions invested in a variety of business and technology projects that all contribute to the company’s success. Some of these projects will run smoothly from inception to completion; however some will not. When a project or program begins to falter you have three choices: ignore the issue and carry on as planned; cancel it to avoid failure; re-assess and adjust it appropriately. Re-assessing and adjusting projects is something NEOS does every day on every client engagement. We know how to look at the dimensions of a project or program to figure out why it is behind schedule, over budget or not having the desired impact. And we know how to fix it to get it back on track.

Operational Risk Assessment

The NEOS operational risk assessment helps clients identify and mitigate the risk of loss based on a holistic view of organization, policy and process, and technology. We factor in both likelihood and severity of loss to prioritize your risk mitigation spend. Leveraging our expertise in both process analysis and organization assessment, we provide a 360 degree view of potential loss, drill down into high priority vulnerabilities, and recommend short- and long-term mitigation strategies.

Process-Control Topology

Business process and compliance are on a collision course as companies confront the complexities of managing both. NEOS developed the Process Control Topology approach for clients who need a view into how controls, business process, and application architecture cooperate to achieve compliance with regulatory and risk management requirements. Unlike traditional Business Process Management (BPM) approaches, where the object is cost reduction, service improvement, or streamlining, a Process Control Topology engagement focuses on the institutionalization of controls across process and system.

Compliance Controls Analysis

The goal of a Controls Analysis is to determine where an organization may have too many, not enough, or the wrong controls based on non-negotiable rules imposed by internal or external regulatory entities (e.g., SEC, compliance departments, customer contracts, product designs).

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