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We work with insurers across all markets, from Life and Retirement to Property/Casualty and Specialty. Because over 65% of our business comes from insurance, we have real-world understanding of the challenges and pressures facing insurers, distributors, and group plan providers now and in the future.

 Our consultants have been in the insurance industry trenches for most of their careers. We know your business, and we understand your pain points.


Ensure Projects Deliver Maximum Business Value

According to some studies, nearly 70% of projects fail to deliver the anticipated business benefit. Our Project Value Assurance will help you de-risk your in-flight or net new projects to avoid falling into that percentile. Using our methods, tools, and templates, objectively assess your projects/programs to identify and mitigate actual or potential vulnerabilities and risks.

With the right information at your fingertips, you can make decisions, prioritize investments, and communicate outcomes confidently, always linking back to the original business value.


Optimize Processes

Business processes are business assets that should be exploited to achieve significant competitive advantage. To avoid the pitfalls associated with redesigning and digitalizing your processes, you need a clear alignment between processes and business strategy.

Check out our Process Redesign and Optimization sections, which helps insurers prioritize processes for investment based on their specific business context.

Modernize Legacy Systems and Products

Insurers and retirement plans providers have many options when it comes to legacy modernization, and it is not usually a one-size-fits-all decision. We uses a data-driven approach to analyze current products and infrastructure and help you right-size a modernization approach to drive business value.

We empower you to invest in growth.

Insurance Product Development & Distribution Optimization

Product innovation and deployment are the lifeblood of insurers and plan providers. Whether you choose to lead your competitors or act as a fast-follower, you must address system and operational gaps that could inhibit your ability to launch products.

We will help you overcome the difficulties of deploying products on time and on budget, or determine a strategic product direction.

Manage your Enterprise Information & Software

Selecting the right system can be difficult, and there are many examples where insurers failed to use data on the optimal platform and paid dearly in time and money. Explore our Enterprise Information Management page to help with things like identify the most important questions you can ask a vendor, managing the selection process, and most importantly, choosing the best software for your specific need.

Using our insurance industry knowledge we help you understand the various solutions and their differences to make an informed strategic decision.

Create Organizational Effectiveness

Digital processes, devices, and a change in customer or agent demographics can put a strain on your entire organization. Get the tools you need to maintain and improve distribution, relationships, and performance. 

Our myriad strategy, technology, and data experience will guide your way through this fluid area of business improvement.

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