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Technology Best Practices for Addressing the Department of Labor Fiduciary Rule

June 8th at 11:00 am

Similar to broker dealers, insurers selling annuities are trying to understanding how to address the new Department of Labor rules. The changes will impact the selling process, methods of disclosure, service routes, and alter sales requirements; all of which can seem overwhelming. NEOS has been observing the initial trends that will help insurers seamlessly transition into the new environment. We want to share with you the key role that technology will play in helping companies leapfrog their competition and enhance their value to distribution partners.

Top Practices for Achieving Data Governance Excellence

In this Data Governance webinar, we will investigate the operational efficiencies that need to be created in order to successfully ensure data management efforts are indeed optimizing data for its intended use. The panel of participants will explore operational processes, data ownership, business transformation planning, data quality monitoring and control, and integration of data security and privacy across the data governance framework. We will also discuss the role data plays in the digitization of business and how governance needs to adjust to accommodate this use.

The Top 5 Enterprise Transformation Challenges: An expert Q&A session

So you’ve redesigned your future state organization and processes successfully. They address all the pain points raised by stakeholders, and you’ve confirmed that it can accommodate distribution channels, transaction volumes and product types. It’s approved for implementation and you have the green light to begin. Now what do you do? Attend this webinar to learn about enterprise transformation challenges, methodologies, and best practices.

Securing Executive Sponsorship:
Step One in Achieving Sustained, Large-Scale Transformation

Listen as Carla Gregory, Senior Principal at NEOS (moderator), Douglas Cowieson, SVP Administration Transformation at EmblemHealth and Jeff Brown, Senior Vice President, Regional Operations at XL Catlin discuss the theme of the upcoming Operational Excellence in Insurance Summit in Hartford, Connecticut, USA – Securing Executive Sponsorship: Step one in achieving sustained, large-scale transformation.

Overcoming the Hurdles of Product Portfolio     Expansion

Are you confident in your ability to expand your product portfolio? Many insurers want to implement innovative products or expand product lines but struggle to get over the finish line. There is a gap between the products they want to offer and their internal capabilities. Don’t miss this NEOS and Milliman webinar where you will learn about the common barriers preventing product expansion, how to get past those barriers, and recommendations to help you gain confidence in your capability to expand your portfolio.

Can Your Project be Saved?

Watch the NEOS hosted webinar to learn how to diagnose your project’s actual or potential vulnerabilities. Every project contains a level of risk. By using NEOS’s six categories to pinpoint where potential areas of weakness lie, you can create a plan to mitigate the level of risk or simply keep an eye on problem areas. At the end of this webinar, you will walk away with a vulnerability score and steps to address your score. Do you know where your project stands?

Hit or Miss? Selecting the Right System

Despite ongoing improvement among systems and service providers, and more experience among insurers, NEOS still sees 40% or more system deployment projects challenged to deliver expected value. Traditional systems selection processes that fail to differentiate between vendors, accurately identify needs, and balance the needs of all stake holders tend to be at the heart of this issue. In this webinar, we will discuss the best practices that insurers can follow to help system selection leaders be more effective, efficient, and successful in selecting the best solution and getting the implementation project off to a successful start.

KPI’s – Actionable Information or Colorful Graphics?

Join NEOS to explore this topic and speak with business and IT leaders on what their experiences have been with the identification and utilization of KPIs. We will hear about their challenges, successes, and lessons learned. Today, data is becoming as critical an asset as people and budgets. With the explosion of retained data, companies are challenged with turning this data into actionable information or Key Performance Indicators (KPI). In this webinar, we will explore this topic and speak with business and IT leaders on what their experience has been with the identification and utilization of KPIs.

Leveraging Business Processes to Reduce Operational Risk

At the close of the webinar, attendees learn why taking an in-depth look into their processes will allow them to reduce their level of operational risk. Included in the webinar was discussion on how to use a NEOS tool, Process Control Topology, for single regulations, the benefits of documenting with controls, and how to use process inventory to identify, quantify, and mitigate operational risk.

Harvesting Value from Closed Blocks 

NEOS hosted a webinar for insurance professionals on “Harvesting Value from Closed Blocks of Business.” For many Life and Annuity companies, closed block business represents a cost and resource burden, typically becoming a factor when faced with acquisition, system modernization or allocating resources to develop new products or markets. Determining the best approach for resolving the disposition of closed blocks of business presents a challenge. During the webinar, attendees heard from three highly experienced speakers in the insurance industry. Each speaker offered a different perspective on the process of deciding how to gain value out of a block of business that no longer sells.

Digital Maturity & Readiness for Insurers

Insurers who want focus on the customer must assess their digital maturity to keep up in the changing marketplace. Watch this webcast to learn about the 5 dimensions of digital maturity and common obstacles insurers need to overcome to “go digital.”

FutureWeek, What is it?

Listen to a quick webcast on a piece of NEOS’s proven method of modernizing business processes. Find out what exactly FutureWeek is, how it is conducted, the common business process improvement challenges it addresses and the benefits of conducting a FutureWeek.

How Insurers can Improve the Value of the Data they give their Agents

Insurers want to provide their agents better data but are stymied by limited data availability, legacy systems, and poor understanding. Watch this webcast to learn ways to get past these challenges and provide better data.

Bridging the Gap…Connecting Your Project to Real Business Value

In this webcast, you’ll hear about NEOS’ call-to-action plan for when a project disconnects with its intended business value, called the Business-Value Linkage model. This model ensures a tight alignment between what a project team does and the business rationale for doing it.

Challenges with Configuration

Insurers are eagerly pursuing systems that are more configurable, and what’s more, can be configured by business users. While this clearly has benefits it also has potential dangers. Insurers that fail to recognize the dangers, will find that their configurable systems will not bring the anticipated value and cost savings to the organization. This webcast highlights challenges with configuration.

Automation is Not the Only Tool

NEOS consultants Carla Gregory, Senior Principal, and Claudia (Clu) Monroe, Managing Consultant, address a common business process misconception. When it comes to business processes, automation is not the only tool available. Listen to the video to find out your other options.

Minimize the Impact of Change

Changing processes will affect an organization. Use these tips to minimize the impact and increase the chance of adoption.

Business Process Acronyms Explained

There are many business process acronyms out there. Should you be focusing on BPM or BPMS, or what about BPI initiatives? Don’t worry, NEOS has explained them in this webcast for you.

How to Judge Your Company’s Appetite for BPM

Starting a business process initiative is a complicated endeavor. How can you judge a company’s appetite for a business process initiative? This webcast gives tips to judge an organization’s willingness to start an initiative.

Assessing the Cost of Insurance Product Innovation

In this webcast, we will explore a new methodology to quickly assess where product, process, and distribution innovation is likely to add significant costs to the project. The assessment then gives key decision makers the ability to make conscious choices about whether the additional costs are justified by increased sales, market expansion, or distribution growth.

5 Best Practices to Mitigate Project Risk

We have all been a part of or seen a project that has failed. Try to avoid the same situation by watching NEOS’s latest webcast to learn 5 Best Practices to Mitigate Project Risk. The webcast will identify 5 dimensions that lead to project failure with tips on how to avoid each.

2014 Trends and Impediments Facing Insurers

At NEOS, we work with IT and business executives at companies across the insurance industry to set technology strategies, deliver data management solutions, and overcome technology constraints. Through this process, we have gathered a great deal of insight on current and future industry trends. NEOS has put this webcast together to share some of these insights. This webcast provides a summary view of the top four industry trends that, as an industry insider, ought to be on your radar and our top four “impediments” to progress that may already have you worried.

Top 5 Performance Management Pitfalls

NEOS LLC, a management consulting and technology services firm, has posted the first in a series of webcasts focused on Key Performance Indicators (KPI), executive dashboards and how they affect businesses. In this first webcast, Brian Harris, Senior Strategy Consultant at NEOS, addresses the five most common mistakes companies make when embarking on a KPI effort. This webcast helps keep companies’ expectations of KPIs from falling victim to common mistakes, specifically when the correct questions are not asked upfront.

When Your Strategy is “Go Digital” and Your Operations are “Still Analog”

Ernst Renner, Managing Partner of NEOS, discusses the impacts of digital strategy change on insurance operations. The agenda includes:

  • What does “digitalization” mean for the insurance industry?
  • Finding your “Voice of the Customer.”
  • The impacts to process and operations for companies adopting a digital transformation.
  • When “outside-in” strategy runs into the Wall of Legacy.

Technology Trends that are Influencing Innovation in Process Excellence

Eric Truntz, Senior Principal at NEOS, discusses the importance of being smart when embracing the evolving technologies available to insurers. Topics include:

  • Digital Presence: The manner by which consumers become knowledgeable of contemporary insurance products and why they matter.
  • Wholesaler Integration: Digital technologies have redefined the expectations for “ease-of-doing-business” between agents and carriers.
  • Digital Eyes: With increased digital activity comes increase opportunity for analytics.
  • Don’t Fear The Reaper: Increased complexity of systems bolsters the importance of managing legacy systems and redundancy.

Investigating Process Control Topology

NEOS LLC sponsored the IQPC Business Process for Financial Excellence 2013 Conference. Carla Gregory, Vice President of Consulting Operations at NEOS, spoke on investigating process control topology and how to best utilize it within financial services.
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