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Getting a Project to the Finish Line

Six Drivers of Project Success You Can’t Overlook

The strategic initiative your organization kicked off in January with high hopes and celebration has just missed a key milestone. Maybe you can re-plan and re-estimate (most projects get at least one reset); maybe you’ve used up your one-time get out of jail free card. Either way, how do you uncover the reasons the project failed to meet expectations? How do you avoid compounding whatever weaknesses exist? This blog series will draw on client experiences as well as research and subject matter opinion to explore the six primary drivers of project performance.

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How and When to Engage Project Stakeholders

Tips for engaging the correct stakeholders at each phase of an enterprise process redesign.

Improper and untimely engagement of IT stakeholders has been blamed for numerous mistakes, delays, or failures to deliver on critical company initiatives. This 3-part series will demonstrate an end to end approach for managing process or capability redesign efforts, designed to nail down a strategy, gain leader buy-in quickly and effectively, and ultimately create project success. You will gain practical advice and tips to understand how and when project teams should engage key stakeholders in redesign initiatives, from strategy to implementation.

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