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  • Tue

    Vert.x + WebSockets + Cloud = Awesome Map Tracking

    6:30 pmAt NEOS

    You have started to hear about micro-services, evented asynch servers, and WebSockets be prepared to jump in with Vert.x. Using this new server technology you get all these features AND it runs JavaScript, Java, Scala, Python, Ruby, CoffeeScript, and Groovy. You don't have to be a Node.JS hipster to have all the fun - though JavaScript is fine if you roll that way.   This talk will cover a basic introduction to Vert.x and it's architecture. We are going to spin up a Vert.x server in less than 3 minutes in the cloud at a cost of $0 (the right price).  Then I will will show how I built a WebSocket asset tracking application with Leaflet and a Vert.x backend application. I will be using the US airplane flight tracking data to show events going through our server and pushed out to all the browsers in the room. The goal is at the end you can go home and start writing your own scalable, (a)synchronous, WebSocket enabled, map tracking application.

    Steve Citron-Pousty from Red Hat

    See the Meetup page for details and registration 

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