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Practical Business SolutionsPractical Solutions eBooks

The first edition of the NEOS magazine provides six quick reads that highlight solutions to help insurers boost their bottom line. The magazine is a compilation of articles on a wide range of topics and issues within the insurance industry.


Operational Risk eBooksOperational Risk Exists in Every Organization

If you have operations, then you have operational risk. Do you know how much risk your organization has, what it can accept and what that will cost? Knowing the level of risk your company holds allows you to make informed decisions on how to address, mitigate or accept each operational risk.


Software eBooksWhich Software Should You Really Pick?

How to do a thorough software evaluation

With lean IT budgets and resources stretched thin, modernization decisions and investments take on new importance. Read NEOS’ 5 best practices for conducting a software evaluation. 


Consulting eBooks

Harvest Value from Closed Blocks of Business

Closed blocks of business can represent a cost and resource burden for many life and annuity companies. This “burden” can represent a path to value as well, but how do you harvest that value?


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