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Manage and Secure Data Assets

Asset: (noun)

  1. a useful and desirable thing or quality
  2. an item of ownership having value
  3. resources of a company

As the need for data has increased over time, building and implementing a data strategy has become critical in many corporations. Through multiple architecture types and disciplines, NEOS’ information delivery services focus on bringing and creating meaningful, high -quality data assets securely for organizations.

Data Architecture Solutions

Master Data

Master Data Management (MDM) aligns corporate data for use as a “golden source” of data. As the need for data has increased over time, building and implementing a MDM strategy has become critical in many corporations.

NEOS can quickly define an appropriate MDM strategy for your specific business and build a roadmap for MDM adoption and transition that aligns with your corporate data strategy. An important factor for enabling this roadmap is the quality of your corporate data. Using a sophisticated profiling assessment matrix, NEOS can help you nominate your primary master data and derive a centralization plan that is appropriate to your business needs and organizational capacity.

Data Governance

Data Governance is an emerging discipline that refers to the overall management of the availability, usability, integrity and security of the data employed in an enterprise. Proper Data Governance provides consistency of data and business rules, increases speed-to-market, facilitates flexibility in product design, reduces costs and risks and ensure transparency of processes.

Whether you need help with implementing the foundational elements of a Data Governance Program, including a customized training and communication plan or you need help with evaluating and expanding your current Data Governance program, NEOS has the expertise and experience to evaluate your data (quality, management, policies, and business process management) and risk management surrounding the handling of data. We meet you where you are and may recommend short and/or long-term solutions to improve your business and secure your company’s most important asset, data.

Data Topology

NEOS has developed a solution, coined “Enterprise Data Topology,” that provides a complete view of data in the enterprise by explaining its relationship to the business and then layering technology aspects of how that data is supported in an organization’s systems.

Just as a topographical map provides depth and contour to the landscape it documents, Data Topology provides a similar perspective for its “data landscape.” Using business domains to establish a Topology Hierarchy, Topology then integrates several additional layers to create depth and real understanding of the data landscape. The Topology provides a basis for understanding the complexities of where data resides in organizations and how it is used.

Clients use the Topology to:

  • Establish governance
  • Create an enterprise architecture
  • Associate areas of meta-data by user groups
  • Create a long-term data strategy
  • Design a data consolidation or simplification roadmap
  • Educate new members of a data or IT team or division
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