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Value: (noun)

  1. the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.

Enterprise Information Management (EIM) is an enterprise-level discipline implemented for defining, describing, structuring and governing information assets across organizational and technological boundaries; it aims to expand corporate transparency, improve operational efficiency and mitigate corporate risk.

NEOS helps clients enable EIM strategies that bridge the divide of structured and unstructured data, enable transparency across business divisions and provide a sound basis for managing corporate risk related to the use of data in the business.

Enterprise Information and Data Solutions

New Implementation and Modernization

NEOS’ modernization approach incorporates all aspects of technology and business operations to ensure a comprehensive and successful modernization effort. Whether you are looking to rewrite policies into newer products or reduce operational costs and dependency of legacy systems, our assessment includes deep insight into enterprise information, architecture, and process. Our recommendations are based on your business drivers, where we will identify a dependency sequence for effective solutions. We apply strategic and forward-thinking solutions that are grounded in practicality.

Based on your company’s priorities, budget and ability to change, we actively engage with your entire company to start your modernization initiatives and help with each item on the roadmap. Alternatively, we can execute the entire plan according to your preference.

Consolidation and Conversion

NEOS can help you assemble and position your assets to provide high quality, consistent data while saving budget dollars by consolidating legacy systems. Consolidation or conversion of legacy systems saves resources while increasing efficiency and lengthening the life of a current system.

Big Data

Our Big Data services combine our other service offerings and include the ability to manage vast amounts of data.  The management of large data is significantly different from methods for handling smaller collections. For example, with large amounts of data comes a large risk. We have experience reducing risk surrounding data that ultimately increases security and efficiency. Another concern with Big Data is how to harvest value from such a large amount of information. Leverage our skill at managing Big Data, creating data strategies, reports and analytics, and executive dashboards  to deliver value from your data.

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