Provocative Business and Data Consulting Solutions

Data Solutions

Improve Data Management and Governance

Many of our clients come to us struggling to understand where their data lives across different systems, create more consistency across all data sources, and make data management systems enterprise-wide. Companies are becoming more cautious with their investments, wanting to use enterprise data to show returns as they move forward through projects. We believe that strong and centralized data is one of the most important assets for a company to succeed. Our experience with large and more iterative data management projects also gives us the skill set needed to provide value and show progress as we move through any data engagement.

Technology Solutions

Better Serve Emerging Customers

We specialize in helping our clients manage their technology. In some cases, modernization initiatives need to be made. We have numerous experiences modernizing legacy systems with the help of our sister company, Vgo software.

But, not all modernization efforts result in a change in technology. In the case of life insurance companies, some older closed-block policies could be re-written into a newer product with similar features, reducing operational costs and dependency on legacy systems. Similarly, maintenance could be outsourced to reduce overhead and, again, reduce the cost and risk of legacy systems.

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